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Radio Frequency Identification (RHD) is a flexible technology that allows businesses to close the gap between acquiring data, converting it to meaningful information and automating all associated transactions. It can provide traceability and real time control to meet customer and regulatory requirements while actually improving efficiency and profitability. RFID can be read-only or read / write, docs not require contact or line-of-sight to operate, can function under a variety of environmental conditions and provides a high level of data integrity. In addition, because the technology is difficult to counterfeit,


Bar Coding
Bar coding solutions today are finding large scale acceptance as the best possible method of accurate and faster data entry into the user's system. Whether it's your production floor or the point of sale counter or the warehouse, the bar code solutions automate the data entry of transactions into your system. At Oriental we interface our bar code hardware with virtually any existing application software including some of the complex ERP environments like SAP, Baan, Oracle, Peop1csoft, JD Edwards etc.


Mobile Computing
Capture data on the move ... is what mobile computing can do for your business. Whether it's your sales representative or your service engineer, mobile computing combined with the power of bar coding, helps your field staff in gathering information in the field itself enabling them to make decisions in real time. The sales team can utilize mobile computing to make effective sales and gather market data, while your service team can provide much more intelligent and prompt service to your customer.


Wireless Networking
The wireless technology combined with all the above technologies enables one to capture and exchange data with the customer's business application securely, thereby ensuring real time decision making. The wireless technology helps you connect not only in your premises but also when you need to access critical information when remotely placed. With IEEE 802.11 b based networks you can extend your range of network up to any limit while GSM (eGPRS) networks (WWLAN) enable you to access real time information from your database at the speed of the internet. These technologies use simple plug and play devices which can be plugged into your existing LAN and business application software. Wireless networking systems eliminate the need of heavy cabling on the shop floor or the warehouse.


System Integration
Our system integration expertise helps you implement and integrate proven, state-of-art AlDC technologies to achieve your specific business objectives. We specialize in a holistic approach to business change and technology innovation. First, we conduct a business process study to understand your unique set of requirements before we design, plan, build and even run the complex system you need to achieve market success. Through a powerful blend of management and technical expertise combined with deep industry knowledge, we collaborate with your business and technology leadership teams to implement the most innovative system and application that deliver results to your business.


Handheld Labelers
Monarch brand of user-friendly, handheld labelers and tag attachers are renowned for their lightness, durability and ease of use. Handheld labelers require the absolute minimum of training and it will provide years of trouble-free service. Plus, Paxar offers an unrivaled selection of labels and consumables to ensure a truly cost-effective one-stop labeling solution for you!
You can select from an outstanding line of dependable, high-tJuality labelers from simple oneline systems for pricing to more sophisticated three-line systems that help you capture important information. And no matter what your choice, you'll always give your customers clear and easy-to-read price displays!